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Welcome to our Explore Your Shore! Seashore Splash! for Heritage Week 2023.

From 12th to the 20th August we are asking YOU to join in the fun and photograph and record as many marine species as you can on your local shore. How many marine species can you record in 1 hour?… how many can you record in one week?

Upload your records for our Seashore Splash! using our Seashore Spotter form, do a Big Beach Biodiversity Survey or one of our brand new surveys for 2023… The Great Rocky Shore Bioblitz and Adopt-a-Rockpool!

Track our Seashore Splash! via the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s Twitter account and our Explore Your Shore! Facebook account. Also check this page daily to see how we are progressing and see the total records recorded and total species recorded, and find out which coastal county is leading the way in terms of marine biodiversity recording.

Share your Seashore Splash action pics on our Explore Your Shore! Facebook page.

And there’s a prize!! – two lucky recorders who submit records for our Seashore Splash! will win a copy of our brand identification swatch on Ireland’s Intertidal Fish and Invertebrates which is available from the National Biodiversity Data Centre online shop!

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