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Explore Your Shore! is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency to explore intertidal species as bio-indicators of climate change and water quality, highlight these issues to the public, and generate baseline data on intertidal species in Ireland


Ireland has over 3,000 km of coastline and in excess of 1,000 coastal marine species, and yet the conservation status of many of these species is unknown. For years, we have largely ignored our intertidal habitats, despite our shorelines being some of the richest habitats we have in terms of biodiversity. In 2018, less than 4% of the 100,000 records submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre were of coastal marine species. Explore Your Shore! is looking to change this and we want to engage the public in Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science recording, and promote existing and new Irish Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science initiatives.

Project Goals

Recording our marine biodiversity is just as vital as recording terrestrial plants and animals. Our coastal species are indicators of the health of our seas and unfortunately, due to a lack of baseline data, we struggle to realise the extent of biodiversity loss in our marine ecosystems. Explore Your Shore! has been funded by the Environmental Protection Agency to promote Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science recording in Ireland, to assess our coastal species as indicators of Climate Change and Water Quality, and to generate new baseline data for Ireland’s intertidal species.

Project Outcomes

By taking part in surveys run by Explore Your Shore! or our partner organisations, you can help contribute to our understanding of our coastal species and habitats, help monitor the impacts of Climate Change and Water Quality on our marine life, and empower the public, through Citizen Science, to contribute to Irish and EU monitoring of the health of our ocean. So why not join our growing movement of Irish Marine Citizen Scientists by getting involved in Explore Your Shore! today?

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