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  • If you are confounded and befuddled by a plant or animal you have spotted on the seashore or coastline, why not post it on our Facebook Page (@ExploreYourShore) where the combined intellect of the internet can help you to get a positive ID before you send it to us via Seashore Spotter or one of our other surveys. (Please note that we cannot accept records via Facebook – so after you have received your ID – you will still need to send it to us via our web form).


Useful Guides to Intertidal Species

  • Photographic guide to the sea and seashore life of Britain and north-west Europe by Gibson, R., Hextall, B. & Rogers, A., 2001. Publisher: Oxford University Press.
  • Ireland’s Seashore: A Field Guide by Lucy Taylor & Emma Nickelsen.¬†Publisher: The Collins Press
  • Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland by Frances StP D Bunker, Juliet A Brodie, Christine A Maggs & Anne R Bunker. Publisher: Wild Nature Press.
  • The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline¬†by Steve Trewhella & Julie Hatcher. Publisher: Wild Nature Press.


Species Identification Web Links

Marine Project & Information Links

  • Irish Lagoons – details of the 90 or so coastal lagoons that can be found around the Irish coast.
  • CLEAR – a research project co-funded by the EPA and the National Parks & Wildlife Service which seeks to address the pressures of water pollution and hydrological modification on lagoon ecology.