Seashore Spotter

Seashore Spotter is our entry level survey designed to collect casual species records from anyone who is out and about on our coastline. No matter what you are doing at the coast, you can always submit a marine species record via our online recording form or app (for Android and iPhone). Just record your details, your location and the species – please include a photo to help us verify the what you saw.

Using our online form, you can submit multiple species and photos from the same location.

To take a good species record shot get as close as you can, make sure your photo is in focus and well lit, and take a photo of enough of the animal or plant to enable us identify it. Some example species record shots are shown below.

Image Credits: Flat Periwinkles – Dave Wall; Serrated Wrack – Stemonitis/Wikimedia Commons; Barnacles – Mo Riza/Flickr; Striped Venus – Hans Hillewaert/Wikimedia Commons