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Explore Your Shore! is building our knowledge of the occurrence of marine species around the Irish coast, and what they tell us about climate change and water quality.

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Join us for an Explore Your Shore! Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science event around Ireland.

Explore Your Shore!

Irish Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science

Explore Your Shore! is a national survey of marine and coastal biodiversity to create a robust baseline dataset for intertidal plant and animal species in Ireland, explore intertidal species as bio-indicators of climate change and water quality, and highlight the issues of climate change and water quality to the public. The survey is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We promote Explore Your Shore! surveys focused on intertidal species, and Irish Marine Biodiversity Citizen Science surveys operated by our project partners. Contributing to these surveys will help us better understand where and when marine species occur around our coast, and how they are being affected by climate change, water quality and other human impacts.