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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description


Leptochiton scabridus (Jeffreys, 1880) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]
Length: small, up to 8 mm long, twice as long as wide

Tegmentum colour: dirty white, but mostly stained with yellow or brown mineral deposits

Sculpture: distinct, separated, roundish granules arranged in longitudinal series on central area of intermediate valves, and in radiating rows on the lateral areas. Granules become larger toward the margin.

Girdle: Relatively narrow and covered by small round scales.

Bathymetric range: sublittoral; lives under stones embedded in sand below the low water mark

Geographic range: Found in the north-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean

Similar species: Leptochiton asellus, Leptochiton cancellatus


Taxonomy and Synonymy:

ORDER: Lepidopleurida Thiele, 1909

FAMILY: Leptochitonidae Dall, 1889


Leptochiton scabridus  (Jeffreys, 1880)


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