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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description


Leptochiton cancellatus (Sowerby II, 1840) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]
Length: small, up to 8 mm long, twice as long as wide – the smallest Irish chiton

Tegmentum colour: white, but mostly stained with dirty brown, or black mineral deposits

Sculpture: very small roundish granules arranged close together in longitudinal series on central area of intermediate valves, and in radiating rows on the lateral areas. Diagonal rib only apparent from the different sculpture pattern.

Girdle: Relatively narrow and covered by small round scales.

Bathymetric range: from low-water to 920 m

Geographic range: Found in the northeastern Atlantic, from the Shetland Islands to Spain. Under-recorded in Ireland with most records coming from Northern Ireland.

Similar species: Leptochiton asellus, Leptochiton scabridus


Taxonomy and Synonymy:

ORDER: Lepidopleurida Thiele, 1909

FAMILY: Leptochitonidae Dall, 1889


Leptochiton cancellatus  (Sowerby G.B. II, 1840)


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