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Are there changes to sealife along your coast? Get involved in the Ecostructure Seashore Snail Survey

Warm-water species heading north

As the Earth’s climate changes, warming seas and milder winters are allowing species previously found only in southern and western parts of Ireland and Britain to survive further north and east. On rocky seashores, various species of seaweeds, snails, limpets, barnacles and sea anemones are being found in places where they have never been recorded before. Monitoring these changes is important, as it helps to understand the impact that climate change has upon our coastal wildlife and ecosystems.

Have you seen a dogwhelk, purple topshell or toothed topshell on the coast of Ireland or Wales? If you have then Ecostructure WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

Ecostructure are collecting information on the effects of climate change and coastal defences on three species of rocky shore snails. All of them are easy to find and identify. For details on how to take part in their survey visit the Ecostucture Website.