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Key to Irish Chitons
Species Description


Acanthochitona discrepans (T. Brown, 1827) [back to the Key] | [next] | [previous]
Length: to 22mm

Tegmentum colour: coloration not uniform, often mottled, variable; tegmentum brownish to dark red, sometimes with blue, dark brown or beige maculation, jugum dark brown or black; perinotum usually beige to pale yellow mottled with olive green or brown.

Sculpture: valves slightly beaked, jugal areas striated, latero-pleural areas uniformly covered with rather densely distributed oval to elongated granules, arranged in quincunx order (a geometric pattern consisting of five points arranged in a cross, like the number 5 on a dice).

Girdle: broad and leathery looking, deeply encroaching sutural areas, densely covered by minute, thin brownish spicules, hardly distinguishable with the naked eye, sometimes randomly distributed longer and thicker spicules present, with 18 large tufts of spines arranged around the head and at the sutures.

Bathymetric range: lives sub-tidally on rock and in crevices.

Geographic range: from Norway, through north coast of Ireland to the south of Wales.

Similar species: Acanthochitona crinita, Acanthochitona fascicularis.

References: Vončina K, Mikkelsen NT, Morrow C, Ang R, Sigwart JD (2023) Clarification of the taxonomic status of Acanthochitona discrepans (Brown, 1827) with new data for the North-East Atlantic Acanthochitona (Polyplacophora, Acanthochitonidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 11: e109554.


Taxonomy and Synonymy:

ORDER: Chitonida Thiele, 1909

FAMILY: Acanthochitonidae Pilsbry, 1893

GENUS: Acanthochitona Gray, 1821

Acanthochitona discrepans  (T. Brown, 1827)


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