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Climate Change and Water Pollution are just two of the many human impacts on our Ocean, leading to decreased biodiversity. Here we link to some stories from around the world on how Climate Change and Water Pollution are impacting Ocean ecosystems.

Dead zones spread along Oregon coast and Gulf of Mexico [Pollution]

Agricultural runoff from farms and livestock operations creates oxygen-depleted areas inhospitable to animal and plant life. The fertilizer pollution has caused an estimated $2.4bn in damage to fisheries and marine habitat every year since 1980.

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A Group of Orca Outcasts Is Now Dominating an Entire Sea [Climate]

The resident Orcas of San Juan Island are speaking, loudly, to anyone who is listening. They are moving away from their summer homes, searching high and low for salmon they once found with ease. They are struggling to give birth, to keep their babies alive, to keep up with a rapidly shifting world.

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