New Marine Bivalve Shells Identification Swatch Now Available!

A new Identification Swatch on Marine Bivalve Shells is now available from the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

This is the eighth swatch in our Ireland’s Biodiversity ID swatch series and our first swatch for the identification of marine species. Dave Wall, Citizen Science Officer with the National Biodiversity Data centre said: “this swatch is a welcome addition to our ID swatch series and will help people to identify the shells of 48 species of marine bivalves that can be found around the Irish coastline”

“The swatch ties in nicely with our Explore Your Shore! citizen science project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. We hope that people will be encouraged to try out our Big Beach Biodiversity Survey with the additional confidence of having a guide to the commonly found bivalve seashells in their pocket!”

“We are keen to encourage as many people as possible to try their hand at marine species recording as we endeavour to improove the baseline data for the distribution of marine species around our coastline. We are also looking at how marine species can act as indicators of climate change and water quality. People can find out more about our project at

The other ID swatches avaiable in our Ireland’s Biodiversity  series are:

Shieldbugs (18 species included)
Ladybirds (22 species included)
Dragonflies and Damselflies (13 dragonfly species and 11 damselfly species included)
Butterflies (34 species included)
Bumblebees (19 species included)
Terrestrial Mammals (27 species included)
Trees and Shrubs (35 species included)

The identification swatches are a useful resource for any enthused naturalist or biological recorder to own; small and lightweight for carrying around in your pocket in the field yet packed with enough detail and information to help users make a good attempt at species identifications whenever a helping hand is needed.

Visit our online shop here. All identification swatches cost €6.00 (VAT does not apply). Bulk orders of 20 swatches or more can avail of a discount if you contact staff at the National Biodiversity Data Centre by email at [email protected], or by phone at 051 306 240.