IWDG Stranding Network Meeting

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group have announced the next annual meeting of the IWDG Stranding Network will take place in February 2020. This event is free  IWDG members and to enthusiastic beach combers looking to join the group and the stranding network.

The event will provide an opportunity for IWDG member to:

  • Meet fellow whale and dolphin recorders.
  • Hear stranding results from 2019 and look at trends of stranding events around Ireland (Mick O’Connell).
  • Hear the latest results from the 3 Year Necropsy Project from Mags Daly who is involved in co-ordinating post-mortems of stranded harbour porpoise and common dolphins.
  • Watch video and learn about the cetacean carcass scavenging project currently underway (Sean O’Callaghan).
  • Get new sampling kits.
  • Update or refresh their current kits enabling members to take samples for the Irish Cetacean Genetic Tissue Bank.
  • Take part in a basic post-mortem (depending on the availability of a fresh porpoise or dolphin).

When: 29th February 2020

Time: Meeting at 10:00 am, finishing at 16:00

Where: Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Co. Galway

Cost: This is a free event to IWDG members but you are asked to register on Eventbrite.

More presentations to be announced soon…