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Seasearch Ireland – Seasearch Observer Course

25 May 2024
All Day
Waterville, Co. Kerry
This event is expired.

Course content:

  • Find out about the Seasearch project
  • Gain a basic grounding in marine recording
  • Learn how to recognise and classify marine habitats
  • Learn how to complete the Seasearch Observation Form by watching a ‘video dive’
  • Complete two dives (or snorkels) with a Seasearch tutor

This is an introductory course aimed at giving divers and snorkellers new to the project and new to marine recording a basic grounding. The course will consist of a one day classroom session and one day diving.

At the end of the course, you’ll get a Seasearch Qualification booklet. Once you have completed five forms for real (two on dives with a tutor available to help) you will be a qualified Seasearch Observer and able to take part in Seasearch dives or snorkels.

Cost €80 Adult, €60 Student

Register by emailing: