Seasearch Ireland – Expert Fish Identification

We’re delighted to be joined by avid Seasearcher and fish expert Lin Baldock for an evening of fishy knowledge. Lin will teach you to identify those tricky gobies and wrasse that might have eluded your attention for now. This course does not aim to teach basic fish identification skills that will be covered in a ... Read more

Seasearch Ireland – Exploring Galway Underwater Biodiversity

Divers in Galway are incredibly lucky to have a variety of unique habitats and species right on their doorstep. As part of the Seasearch Ireland National Marine Monitoring Scheme (Adopt a Site) 4 sites in Galway county are monitored by Seasearch divers. This talk will cover some of the unique species found at these amazing ... Read more

Explore Your Shore! – Marine Citizen Science at the National Biodiversity Data Centre

Dave Wall of the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s Explore Your Shore! project will be discussing marine citizen science in Ireland. Explore Your Shore is a Citizen Science project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency focused on increasing our knowledge of the distribution of our intertidal species, exploring their potential as bio-indicators of water quality and ... Read more

Seasearch ireland – Site monitoring in Irish waters (part 1)


Join Seasearch Ireland for a talk on Diving Citizen Science and The National Marine Monitoring Scheme which uses an informal survey methodology combining the existing Seasearch methodology with a list of bench mark species to be monitored at each site. Sites are selected by participants themselves to facilitate repeat sampling. Abundance is then measured for ... Read more